Uncharted Territory

 Matt Stewart

Matt Stewart is a no BS activator of potential. His No Excuses, Now What approach has been fostered & developed over the past 20+ years from coaching, collaborating and advising Senior Leaders across North America. His foundational philosophy is boldly simple: move past the excuse —> laser focus on the next steps and you can accomplish a ton. The most important thing a leader, boss, manager or ANYONE can do is ask oneself “How Am I Framing This?”. How You Frame anything in life will impact the specific macro & micro-actions you take and will impact the tribes you choose to let into your life.

Matt’s approach is not some sit-around-a-campfire-hug-a tree-and-kiss-puppies kind of approach. It is based in the thought process that – no one owes you anything! This pragmatic whiskey-on-the-rocks approach has served Matt well during his years in Healthcare, teaching in Tokyo, living in the Outback of Australia, working on the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games and Global Finance. He now lives up in the mountains above the clouds and calls the Interior of British Columbia, Canada home.

Matt would like to share an insight he had during one of the darkest times in his life – in the hope that this Ah-Ha may spark a conversation on – “How We Are Preparing the Next Generation”


Kirsten Murdaugh

Native of South Carolina, Kristen Murdaugh is a member of the class of 2017 at Furman University where she studies Vocal Performance and German Studies. In her time at Furman she has studied Vocal Pedagogy both independently and in the classroom. She plans to continue her studies in graduate school next fall to complete a Masters in Vocal Pedagogy and Vocal Science. She is a Furman Advantage Teaching Fellow of Music Theory as well as a member of vocal ensembles such as the Furman University Chamber Choir and the Twelve Peers. She has performed in numerous opera productions while at Furman, including but not limited to her role as Madame Flora in the Furman Lyric Theatre’s production of Menotti’s The Medium. She is the president of the Furman University Secular Student Alliance and a member of both Phi Eta Sigma and Pi Kappa Lambda. This summer she plans to reside in Berlin, Germany where she will teach English to Syrian refugees in the area. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, binging television, exercising, and drinking enormous amount of coffee.


Dr. John Quinn

John is trained as biologist. However, his passions fall at the intersection of biology with culture, policy, and economics. Thus his teaching and research build on the rigor of science but reflect the complex nature of current and future challenges


Zach Hughes

Zach Hughes is the Freshman Class President at Furman University and aspiring English major on the premed track. Zach Hughes is a receiver for the Paladin Football team and was a Wendy’s High School Heisman Trophy winner. He is originally from Saint Louis, Missouri and enjoys writing poetry for fun and incorporating it into all aspects of life. His talk will feature poetry as he talks about the widespread effects of pornography on human lives, including his own


Dr. Julie Wayne


Julie Holliday Wayne earned her undergraduate degree in psychology at Furman University in 1993 and her Masters and PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at the University of Georgia. Since 1998, she has been a faculty member at Wake Forest University and is currently an Associate Professor in the School of Business. In her research, she studies sexual harassment, work-life balance, and workgroup diversity and has published in journals such as the Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnel Psychology, Journal of Organizational Behavior, and Organizational Research Methods.  Her work has received national media attention and has been highlighted in Forbes, Fox News, the Chicago Times, Parent Magazine, and others. She has earned numerous awards for her research including being a finalist for the Rosabeth Moss Kanter Award for the “best of the best” in work-family research. She has consulted for organizations in a variety of industries and conducted workshops on leadership, teamwork, and work-life balance, among others. She has taught courses in leadership, organizational behavior, human resource management, and statistics, and has won awards for innovative teaching. Dr. Wayne is an active member of her community and is a co-founder of “Davie County Moms”, a 1000+ member group whose mission is to foster a thriving community by being informed advocates for education. She has been married to her husband, Michael, for 22 years and they have three children.


Ben Clagett

Ben Clagett is a Colorado Native and outdoor enthusiast. He has spent his 20’s traveling the U.S. by car, bicycle, and most recently, on foot during a walk across America. He is an aspiring writer and simplistic traveler, always looking for the next adventure.



Dr. Tim Evans

Dr. Tim Evans is an associate professor within the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Missouri. He is passionate about his faith, family, teaching, all things MIZZOU, and Hawaiian shirts. He has a reputation for being intimidatingly enthusiastic, and his alter ego THE ANTIDOTE is the enemy of all things toxic.




Clare Ruble

Clare Ruble is a senior Theatre Major on the Pre-Health path towards speech therapy. She enjoys Chipotle, rollerblading, and singing really loudly. The kind of singing that is only appropriate on a Broadway stage, but she does it in small spaces. Her talk today focuses on being pigeonholed. Being put into tiny categories that are hard to escape. She will discuss how this used in comedy today.


Dr. Christopher Blackwell

Christopher Blackwell is the Louis G. Forgione University Professor of Classics at Furman University. He has published books and articles on Greek history,  ancient manuscripts, and data science. He co-authored articles on historical botany with his wife, Amy Hackney Blackwell, as well as the book “Mythology for Dummies”, which has been translated into Spanish, German, Dutch, French, and Russian.


Lynne Waheeba

Lynne Waheeba is a Lebanese American who was raised in Damascus, Syria. She is a Junior philosophy major on the premed track and wishes to pursue a career in medicine. She dedicates this talk to her father who passed away her freshman year of college and hopes that you will have a better perspective as to what is happening in Syria.



Cindy Monteith

Photo and biography coming soon!

Ken Nwadike Jr.

Photo and biography coming soon!