Organizing Team

Executive Team


Jacob Lollis, Organizer

Class of  2020, Politics and International Affairs Major, Poverty Studies Minor, Pre-Med Track

Life Goal: To help people through medicine!

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Shelby Walcott, Public Relations Director

Class of 2020, Physics Major, Pre-Med Track

Life Goal: Become a pediatrician!

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Amelia Davidson, Internal Relations Director

Class of 2020, Neuroscience Major, Ancient Greek and Roman Studies Minor

Life Goal: Become a medical professor!

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  Amanda Egan, Production Chair

Class of 2020, Communications Major

Life Goal: To be as mindful in the present moment as possible.

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Anna Johnson, Curation Chair

Class of 2021, Classics Major, Medicine and Culture Minor, Pre-Med Track

Life Goal: Become a medical officer in the United States Navy.

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Rachel Broyles, Marketing Chair

Class of 2020, Studio Art and Business Administration Double Major

Life Goal: Own a goat farm in southern France.

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Clay Linge, Communications Chair

Class of 2021, Earth and Environmental Sciences Major

Life Goal: Become a sustainability consultant.

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Nataley Williams, Sponsorship Chair

Class of 2021, Sustainability Science Major

Life Goal: To live passionately and help others.

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