Elise Dudley |Planting Seeds of Food Sovereignty Through Gardening

Margaret Oakes |To Gender or Not to Gender: Questions of Gendering in Shakespeare

Tiffany O’Donnell |Be EXTRA! You Say You’re an Ally for Gender Equity. But Are You? 

Daniel Reece |Hope, Inspiration, and Rethinking Business: Social Enterprise in Denmark 

Olivia McGuirt|Children’s Mathematics: Creating a New Generation of Learners  

Sinclair Gibson |Is Advocacy the Solution to Disproportionate Health Outcomes? 


Mary Sturgill |Kindness in the Midst of Chaos 

Samantha Donaldson | Restoring Faith in Our Government 

Lorenzo Barberis | Diversity: the Key to Collective Intelligence in the Age of AI 

Craig Metcalf | Health is Our Greatest Wealth 

Megan Squire | Using Data Science to Understand Online Hate 

Hailey Pierce | The Camaraderie of Shared Experience 

Johanna Toruño | Queer Visibility & Public Art 

Tim Christensen | Photography: Science & Art 

Kenia Flores | Rising Above Low Expectations with a Disability 

Jackie Faustin | MindFULL Social-Emotional Learning 


Mark Gunnells | How Horror Movies Taught Me Empathy

Stephanie Schuttler | How Kids Can Save Wildlife

Kartikeya Singh | Coalitions For Change

Dana Sturtevant & Hilary Kinavey | Body Trust is a Birthright

David Tolbert | The Struggle for Justice Around the Globe

Olivia Larner | Confronting the Invisible

Srikripa Chandrasekaran | Of Lice and Men: Scientists as War Heroes

Lisa Keys | How to Celebrate a Life

Nomonde Gila | The Future of Feminism: The Power Behind Educating African Girls

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John Lanier | Watch Your Language

Alexis Myers | Will America Ever Embrace Racial Ambiguity?

Dr. J. Aaron Simmons | The Failure of Success

Sam Fowler | Wasted: Exposing the Family Effect of Addiction

Dr. Judy Stuart | Four-Letter Words

Adnan Sultan | Why Innocent People Plead Guilty

Dr. Shane Purcell | Direct Primary Care: Remaking the Health Care System

Quincy Mix | Choosing Humility in a Self-Centered Age

Dr. David Moffett | 121 Seconds: The Eclipse @ Furman

Noelle Warner |  Video Games: The Future of Storytelling

Matthew Morris | Identity and Autonomy: The Future of Autonomous Transportation

Jennifer Thompson | The Butterfly Effect: Do I Matter?

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2017: Uncharted Territory

Matt Stewart | How We Are Preparing the Next Generation

Kristen Murdaugh | Talking About Talking: The Science of the Voice

Dr. John Quinn | Birds, Business, and Books: Stories of Learning and Engagement Beyond Your Discipline

Zach Hughes | Poetry and the Problems with Pornography

Julie Wayne | One Turn on Earth: Lessons from the Boardroom to the Dinner Table

Ben Clagett | Step(s) in the Right Direction

Dr. Tim Evans | You Do What? Using an Elevator Statement to Effectively Communicate Intentionally and Strategically About What You Do

Clare Ruble | Flying Out of the Pigeonhole with Comic Relief

Dr. Christopher Blackwell | Information Technology: The First 2,500 Years

Lynne Waheeba | The Luckies of the Unlucky

Cindy Monteith | The Power of Your Story

Ken Nwadike Jr. | Become the Leader They Are Searching For

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2016: Go Big

Lexie Harvey | The Busy Identity

Mark Wexler | Just Business: Modeling a Path to End Modern-Day Slavery

Glen Courtright | Bugs Save the World

Susan Bennett | Accidentally Famous: The Story Behind the Original Voice of Siri

Ray Garner | Space and Culture: Inextricably Linked

Adrienne Burris | The Curious Incident of Syndrome Publishing

Tindall Ouverson | Bokashi: a Small Solution for a Big Problem

Timothy Hanks | Soft Nanotechnology: Big Ideas from Nature

Cam Pascual | Couch to Community: How to Turn Ideas into Movements

Patrick Tuttle | In Order to Go Big, You Need Two Hands

Eiho Baba | Chinese Philosophical Texts with a Sensitivity to Underlying Assumptions

Scott Henderson | When Two Rights Make a Wrong

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2015: Shatter

Tabitha Colter | The Devil is in the Details – But So is our Humanity

Cheryl Stowe | Don’t Tell Me I Can’t: Disability in a Modern World

Fred Payne | The aTaxi ­ Transforming Transportation

Pam Dorr | The Naked Truth of Pie 

Adam Johnson | The Pitfalls of Masculinity in the Military and at Home

Scott Boylston | I Love Bottom Feeders

Tami Blumenfield | What Can We Learn from the Na? Ideas about Family and Relationships 

Janet Kwami | Rethinking Digital Inequity: Lessons from Ghana 

Cengiz Sisman | Mending the Already Shattered World

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2014: Stories

Chris Mohney | Why Stories Have No Value

Andrew Forsthoefel | Catalyzing Connection

Luke Christie | Raise Your VOICE

Lisa Cron | Wired for Story

David Wilcox | Singer-Songwriter

Jonathan Gottschall | The Storytelling Animal

Gil Allen | Stories

Felicia Pride | We’re All Characters in Life’s Great Narrative

Michael Margolis | The Stories We Choose to Live

Justin Wheeler | Changing the Narrative

Jimmy Neil Smith | Seven Billion Stories, Seven Billion Dreams

Sarah Worth | Narrative Knowing

Will Crooks | Style as Narrative

2013: Redesigning Education

David Blake | Jailbreaking the Degree

Ethan Bodnar | Shaping Education

Christian Long | Framing a Mindset to Redesign Education

Elizabeth Long Lingo | Design for Creative Practice

Alan Webb | The Power of Relationships

Danny Stillion | Essentials for Lifelong Learning

Cynthia Lawson | Universities without Classrooms

Ben Shapiro | Bridging Spaces for Learning: Education and Design

Matthew Abrams | Core Conditions for 21st Century Learning

DeAndrea Nichols | Unlocking the Creative Capacity of Youth